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Easy Green Ways to Save Money at Home


Being green and saving money has never been easier. By following these tips you will be on your way to great green savings.

1)      Replace all bulbs with CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent lights). They use 75% less energy and they last a lot longer than traditional bulbs.

2)      Install motion sensors on lights in your home so that lights turn on only when movement is detected.

3)      Pull the plug on electronic devices you are not using. When a plug is inserted into an outlet, electricity is still being used even if the device isn’t turned on.

Mason Homes understands the importance of saving money on heating and hydro bills. That’s why we design homes that are Green for Life and include tons of energy-efficient features.

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Composting Can Liven Up Your Garden


As we are nearing an end to summer, it’s still not too late to start composting. If you haven’t already, you may want to consider the benefits. Composting isn’t just a great thing you can do for the environment; it’s also a great thing you can do for your garden for many reasons:

1)      Saves money on buying soil and fertilizers.

2)      Lightens your garbage load.

3)      Gardens grow healthier and are less dependent on synthetic fertilizers.

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