Valentine’s Day: Green is the New Red

Recently, homeowners started moving in to their new townhomes at Just4U in Barrie, and I can’t help but notice the passion and the love that I see in the young lovebirds here. Just4U’s stylish homes were built to be modern love nests, and we used a hot and racy ad campaign – and our purchasers loved the theme. I bet the new homeowners are really looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year!

Every year, millions and millions of cards, chocolates, and flowers are purchased and enjoyed around the world. When purchasing something special for a loved one, you can also support your love for the environment and help your children to a brighter future. Many popular Valentine’s Day gifts are eco-friendly. Some ideas to get you ready for Monday:


  • Cards: purchase cards that are made from recycled materials, tree free paper, or get creative and create your own from used materials.  For people far away, consider sending an e-card.
  • Chocolate: purchase chocolates or other sweets that are fair trade and/or organic.
  • Flowers: flowers that are grown locally and organically are better for the environment.
  • Gift ideas: consider purchasing simple romantic gifts, like a gift certificate to a massage or health spa, before purchasing unnecessary non-eco friendly products like a stuffed teddy bear that might end up in the trash. For more green gift ideas, click here. (I love the idea of planting a tree for your loved one. Might have to wait for the spring on that one!)

Love is a universal language that can be expressed through various actions. Living in a green home, like the red-hot designs at Just4U, and making our world greener together, will make our love everlasting. Be green and spread the love. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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