Sunday with Your Dad!

Father’s Day is this Sunday! If you’re a dad, like me, you’re probably looking forward to spending the day with your kids.

Now, if you’re looking for gifts or ideas on what you can do with your dad this Father’s Day, I have a few suggestions to help you out.

If buying a gift is a must, you should consider buying something that your dad will actually use, so it’s not being discarded after Father’s Day. Forget another tie or a book he won’t read, and consider gifts made locally and/or organically instead.

If your dad loves technology and gadgets, then shop for electronics that are energy saving or solar powered first. Find some cool gadgets that may interest your dad here.

A DIY gift can be a fun project for you, and dads love homemade gifts, so if you have time, give it a go! Need more gift ideas? Find them here.

Buying a gift can be difficult, especially for your old man. Sometimes, a gift is unnecessary, and all your dad really wants is some quality time with you. Here are some fun activity ideas you can do with your dad this weekend:

  • Visit a local farmers’ market and buy some food to grill on the BBQ with your dad on the Sunday afternoon.
  • Plan an afternoon of outdoor activities, like going for a bike ride, a hike, a game of Frisbee or if you’re like me, some street hockey.
  • Gardening can also be a fun activity, especially if your dad likes to garden. You can help him out with his lawn!

If you still need more ideas, you can check out these adventure getaway deals all over Ontario for Father’s Day weekend.

Whatever you do with your dad on Father’s Day, make it a fun time! Let me know how it goes.

Happy Father’s Day!

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