Tips for Green Summer Grilling

BBQ Grill Light Duty

Can’t go wrong with burgers and corn on the cob.

With the long weekend coming up, I’ll bet you’re thinking about doing some grilling.

While the occasional grilling marathon isn’t going to kill the environment, it would help if most of us followed tips that help preserve our planet. Just imagine how many grills will be fired up this weekend alone throughout most of Canada, and you’ll get the picture.

So, without further ado:

•    Ditch the charcoal. Many a grilling enthusiast maintains that charcoal makes food taste better. Right or wrong, there’s no denying the fact that propane and electric grills are cleaner than charcoal.  Or, if you have a sunny patio, you can also try a solar cooker.
•    …Or not. If you must have your charcoal fix, consider switching to regular lump charcoal, which is much cleaner than briquettes.
•    Switch from lighter fluid, which releases smog-forming VOCs, to a chimney starter.
•    Use natural products to clean your grill. Tests show some of these products can be as tough on grime as traditional cleaners, yet won’t leave any chemicals behind to leach into your next burger. Ask for brand recommendations at your local green store.
•    Set your picnic table with reusable dishware and silverware as well as cloth napkins. Or look for biodegradable or recycled-paper dinnerware, unbleached cups, and recycled-paper napkins.

Grilled Peaches

If you haven’t had grilled peaches, you’re missing out. Just coat them in melted butter, and sprinkle on some brown sugar with a pinch of salt before grilling.

Follow these tips and you’ll be grilling in the healthiest way possible, not just for the environment but also for you and your guests.

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2 Comments on “Tips for Green Summer Grilling”

  1. jenspruit Says:

    I love how you are blogging about cooking in your home builder blog. Your company really understand your audience!

    No, I’ve never grilled peaches before. I bet it would go great with chicken OR ice cream!

  2. […] is that it involves — you guessed it — hosting a BBQ. This is where my previous blog post, “Tips for Green Summer Grilling,” might come in handy (as a bonus, it contains a delicious recipe for grilled […]

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