A Green Way of Having Fun and Being Active

Saving the planet one smile at a time.

You probably did it all the time when you were a kid. Not because it was green or because it was healthy. You did it because you enjoyed it.

Here’s what you did: you biked. And you had a blast doing it.

But when was the last time you did it? When was the last time you rode a bike downhill, the wind cooling your face? When was the last time you came back home tired and sweaty, yet happy, feeling like you’d earned the right to sit down a for a nice big meal?

Besides being lots of fun, the great thing about biking is that it also cuts down on pollution. Not to mention, it helps reduce your gasoline expenses.

These days, though, few people bike for fun anymore. Biking’s become a hobby for committed enthusiasts. They’re easy to recognize: they wear tight, bright Spandex clothes and special footwear and they ride expensive, aerodynamic bikes that make you hunch over curved handlebars.

All of which is fine, if you’re into that sort of thing. But if you want to bike for the hell of it, all the while knowing you’re helping your planet as well as your pocket, then get a commuter bike. (You can buy expensive Dutch models, but stores like Canadian Tire also sell commuter-style bikes with more reasonable price tags.)

Commuter bikes are designed so that you can sit in an upright, more comfortable position. They also typically have mudguards and a bell and a rack for you to carry stuff on.

In other words, they’re designed for life.

In Port Hope there are many biking trails. Just tomorrow there’s a group bike ride from Port Hope to Presqu’ile. The ride is categorized as smooth, low traffic, safe, and scenic. Biking in a group may not be as romantic or enjoyable as doing it with close friends, relatives, or your partner, but if you haven’t biked in a while, it’s a great way to get the hang of it again.

When was the last time you went on a bike ride?

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One Comment on “A Green Way of Having Fun and Being Active”

  1. jenspruit Says:

    I officially love Port Hope! I was just there two weeks ago at the Dorsat Spa with my mom. Such a great energy! We never went for a bike ride but did walk down the street to look at the beautiful homes and homesteads.

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