New Urbanism Gains Terrain

New Town, St. Charles, MO: More New Urbanism

Coming soon to a place nearby?

There was a time, not too long ago, when New Urbanism principles seemed radical.

(Never mind that for thousands of years cities were designed according to similar principles, which are: emphasized walkability with a focus on pedestrians, tree-lined streets, and narrow roads, among others.)

Not surprisingly, people who live in communities designed according to these principles report they enjoy it very much. For that reason, and because New Urbanism is environmentally-friendly, we at Mason Homes do our best to build communities that meet these requisites, having even won a major award for it.

What may seem surprising is a worldwide surge in New Urbanism communities. Take two places as seemingly different as Texas and Saudi Arabia.

You wouldn’t expect them to have much in common (and they probably don’t), yet the small town of Bandera, self-dubbed the “Cowboy Capital of the World,” boasts of being the prototype of New Urbanism, while in Saudi Arabia much is made about the King Abdullah Financial District, a “kind of modern Paris with canals and water transport, focusing on passive design” where “water, greenery and building merge together in a sensible master plan.”

In fact, the Wikipedia entry on New Urbanism lists communities in England, Belize, France, Sweden, Bhutan, Belgium, Italy, and South Africa.

While on the surface this doesn’t mean much for the average local homebuyer, I take pleasure in imagining a future where more and more communities will follow New Urbanism ideals, whether they market themselves as such or not.

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4 Comments on “New Urbanism Gains Terrain”

  1. monarchridgehill Says:

    It is heartening to see the new urbanism increasingly gain popularity, hopefully it will lead to a more comfortable, greener, world.

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