How Important is the New National Tree Day?

As I said on Twitter this week, Canada’s first-ever National Tree day took place last Wednesday September 21. This happened after the House of Commons passed a bill this spring to create a National Tree Day each September (the idea being that trees planted in the fall grow faster than trees planted in the spring).

On a larger scale, National Tree Day aims to spread awareness of the importance of trees. And if you think trees are important only within the abstract “green” realm, consider these figures borrowed from a Toronto Star article:

  • Toronto trees store 1.1 million tonnes of carbon, which equals roughly the emissions of 730,000 cars.
  • They intercept about 1,430 tonnes of air pollution.
  • They save $10.2 million in energy costs for buildings in the form of reduced air conditioning costs and the like.

No wonder the Toronto tree canopy has a replacement value of $7 million, providing ecological services on both public and private lands with an annualized value of $60 million.

Obviously, while these figures apply to Toronto only, trees are extremely important in every other town or community.

So, as much as I value efforts to spread awareness of the importance of trees or birds or butterflies or what have you, I encourage you to look around and ask yourself: What can I do today to improve our habitat?

Whether you’re a business owner or work for somebody else, you can ask yourself this question. Remember: every step helps, no matter how small it may seem.

For example, has a section for kids and teachers, companies, and volunteers. The actions taken by these varied groups of people may look like they contrast in their impact. They don’t. Again, every single action helps.

For example, at Mason Homes we do our best to preserve the existing landscapes and to plant native species, as they are resist disease and insects better, among countless other benefits.

What do you do to preserve local trees?

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