How Bad is The Air We Breathe in?

Not so common over here.

When you buy one of our homes, you get the best air quality possible. We see to that.

But what about when you go outside? How bad is the air you breathe in as you buy your groceries or commute to work?

According to the World Health Organization, a city’s air quality is affected by a combination of four main factors: private transport, power generation, indoor combustion of fuels, and industry.

And according to an air-quality index study released by the WHO on Monday, the answer to the question above is this: the air you breathe in as you go about your day is among the best in the world.

After covering over 1,000 cities in 91 countries to record their annual average of particulate matter, WHO officials announced that Canada averages only 13 micrograms per cubic metre (the recommended maximum being 20 micrograms per cubic metre).

This figure pushed us up to third place, tying with Australia after Estonia and Mauritius, and a far cry from the Iranian city of Ahvazm, which scored the worst with an astonishing 372 micrograms.

Good as this is, it still doesn’t mean we have perfect air. For example, about 2,400 people die every year in Canada as a result of air pollution.

So even though we aren’t doing badly at all, we still have work to do. Meanwhile, make sure your home has the best air quality possible. It is there, after all, that you and your kids will spend a great deal of time.

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