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Peterborough: a Great Town to Raise a Family


At Mason Homes we try to build great communities. This is why we rely on New Urbanism principles, ensuring our communities feature ample parks and plenty of local amenities nearby while emphasizing walkability.

Of course, how well these principles work depends on the town the community is located in.


Take Avonlea, our community in Peterborough. Besides building Green for Life homes and creating a community that won the Places to Grow award, we were happy that Avonlea residents can call Peterborough their hometown.

Peterborough, after all, is affordable, clean, and safe, located only one hour away from Toronto at the gateway to the Kawarthas and known for its natural beauty and quality of life.

Thanks to its diverse economy, quality health care, recreational opportunities, and an established school system, Peterborough has become the hub for east-central Ontario.

For testimonials on what it feels like to live here, consider this short essay, written by an 8th-grader who calls her hometown “a wonderful place to live.”

Or read through this one, penned by established writer Michelle Berry, where she has this to say:

Sometimes I feel as if I’m in a 1950s sitcom – Leave it To Beaver – the neighbours all calling back and forth across the street, coming over clutching snacks and wine, or coffee, joining me on my porch. It’s idyllic. (…) How is it possible that my eleven year old can play flashlight tag in the hot summer evenings until way past dark, running back and forth between people’s back yards (with their permission even!), or my 14 year old can hop the back fence to her friend’s house still wearing her pj’s late on a Saturday morning. Isn’t this 2011?

Doesn’t this sound like a fantastic place to raise your family?

Come check it out, and while you’re at it, drop by our Sales Office, located 1224 Chemong Rd. and open Mondays through Fridays from noon to 7 pm and on the weekends from 11 am to 6 pm.

You’ll hopefully see Avonlea and Peterborough form a natural fit.

New Mason Homes Community Coming Soon to Barrie

Barrie Ontario Waterfront

Barrie waits for you.

With our community Just4U in Barrie having sold out so quickly, it was a no brainer that we should build a new community in the same city.

Barrie is, after all, both family-friendly and full of possibilities for those of you who are looking for a little more excitement.

For example, it hosts a popular Farmers’ Market, plenty of amenities, a Winterfest and Festival of Ice, and Barrielicious, which sees local restaurants offer affordable prix fixe menus.

Like Just4U homes (in fact, like all our homes), our new community will be Green for Life. This will ensure your wellbeing and save you money through reduced energy consumption, all the while helping preserve the planet.

Our new community will soon be opening for registration, so please be sure to watch this space for updates! Or if you haven’t already, follow me on Twitter or “like” our Facebook page.

Don’t Miss This Exciting New Event at Port Hope Golf and Country Club!

Red Wine Setup

What better way to enjoy this than with friends?

If you moved to a Mason Homes community, chances are you know there is more to life than locking the door behind you when you get home. Like-minded people live around you, and your community was designed so that it’s easy for you to mix and mingle, should you be so inclined.

With that in mind, this Saturday we’re holding a Valentine’s Day event at our Port Hope Golf & Country Club community. Called A Rose for Every Rose, this event isn’t limited to your or your neighbours — indeed, feel free to bring as many friends as you like.

So if you’d like to socialize this coming Saturday at 4 pm and enjoy some complimentary wine and cheese, please RSVP today at

Why Are We Green?


No matter how you look at it, the concept of green is becoming more and more important.

Consider the recent backlash against the Keystone pipeline, or the uproar over Canada pulling out of Kyoto. On any given day, a glance at the Science section of Google News will likely reveal at least a couple of stories dealing with green technology and climate change.

To be sure, international treaties and technologies tackling climate serve lofty and extremely important goals. Yet there’s more than one reason why one should go green.

We at Mason Homes have had our Green for Life philosophy for a long time now. Designed to ensure comfort and happiness for your family, our program ensures you take care of the environment as well.

A green lifestyle should be a happy lifestyle.

How do we strike this balance? By emphasizing green features that benefit you first and foremost. For example, our green neighbourhoods, featuring ample parks and plenty of nearby communities, are not just beautiful and relaxing — they also help you cut down on car usage, which protects the environment and saves you gas.

Moreover, our Energy Star qualified homes (which come standard in every Mason Homes community), allow you to save money spent on heating costs while using around 30% less energy — a win-win for both the planet and your pocket.

I could go on, but my point isn’t (just) to promote Mason Homes. Rather, I’d like to highlight my longstanding belief that for green practices to succeed, they should do their best to enhance your life in a near immediate way, one that brings about noticeable improvements and also helps you save money if possible.

Politicians and scientists will take a long time to introduce major changes. Let’s not wait for them to improve our world and our lives.

This, I find, is the best way to recruit people to the green philosophy.

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