Go Green on St. Patrick’s Day

More New Irish at St. Patrick's Day Parade, Dublin

There's more than one way to go green.

Given that we at Mason Homes build green homes and that I blog about green topics, it’s only fitting I write about the 11th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which takes place this Sunday from 2 pm to 5 pm in Peterborough, home to our Avonlea community.

As you probably know, wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day becomes a show of commitment to Ireland. But whether you’re Irish or not, there are other ways in which you can “be green” this Sunday, and hopefully, most other days as well. For example:

  • Take a cue from the parade and simply walk more. This will help you lose weight, increase your activity level, help reduce carbon emissions, and allow you to enjoy the upcoming spring weather.
  • Buy local. Sure, Guinness is a St. Patrick’s Day staple. But we also have many a good stout here in Canada, such as Hockley. (These local brews are greener still.) Even if you insist on respecting tradition this Sunday, consider buying local the rest of the year, whether it’s beer or other household products. (Peterborough has an excellent farmers’ market.)

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? What are your plans for the weekend?

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