One Lightbulb at a Time

Quick question for you: what’s happening worldwide on the evening of March 31?

If you said Earth Hour, kudos to you.

And if you didn’t know, here’s a chance to learn about this important event.

Aiming to increase public awareness of the need to decrease energy use and to take action against climate change, Earth Hour isn’t just about turning the lights off for an hour — it’s a high-profile opportunity to promote year-round conservation, the better to preserve our planet and, indeed, our species.

Of course, if you already live in Mason Home, you’re already ahead of the curve, thanks to our Green for Life program, which ensures reduced energy consumption.

But we can all do more. Here are some options:

  • Turn off unnecessary lights. Of all nights, this is the best one to enjoy a candle-lit dinner.
  • Go for a walk; if enough people do their part, it’ll be a perfect time for stargazing.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that it’s not just about one night — the idea is to integrate the notion of preserving energy into our daily routines.

Do you have any plans for that evening? Or do you already take similar steps most days? Let me know!

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