Make this Easter Weekend a Green One

A Green Easter

With Easter Weekend coming up, it’s time to consider celebrating it in a manner that’s friendly to and respectful of the environment.

The following tips will help:

Reuse the previous year’s baskets. Why not start with the obvious? And if you don’t have the baskets anymore, be sure to hang on to them this time around.

Make your own treats. This site has great recipes. Pressed for time? (Or maybe you aren’t much of a baker?) Consider getting organic brands, or brands that carry the Fair Trade logo.

Use natural dyes. There’s no reason to expose your kids to more chemicals. This blog offers excellent instructions (and a fun video) on how to use natural dyes.

Get free-run or organic eggs. They have a lower impact on the environment.

Forego the car. Having guests over for dinner? Thanks to New Urbanism design principles, our communities promote walking, so if your guests are from the neighbourhood, encourage everyone to make the most of the beautiful spring weather by stretching their legs. On other hand, if walking’s not an option, arrange carpools.

Your turn! What are you doing this Easter Weekend? Have you considered making it “greener”?

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