The Most Popular Mason Homes Blog Posts

My first blog post went up on December 9, 2009. Hard to believe it’s been that long.

Taking a look at the blog’s stats, I was surprised to find these 3 most popular blog posts to date are:

  1.  New Urbanism Feature: Narrower Roads
  2.  A New Gem! New Design Studio Coming to Peterborough
  3.  Mason Homes Sweeps PKHBA Awards (closely followed by Valentine’s Day: Green is the New Red)

The reason I was a bit surprised is because in writing this blog, I set out not just to share Mason Homes news and updates but also to discuss practical ways in which people can reduce energy while saving money.

My most popular blog post discussed narrow roads, a common feature of New Urbanism communities.

I’ve also attempted to discuss topics that interest me personally and are embodied in the Mason Homes philosophy — topics like  New Urbanism, which I discussed in the most popular blog post, according to the list I showed above.

In other words, I didn’t want the blog to focus on Mason news solely. I wanted to reward readers with tips and information they could use right away to better their lives.

Yet, for all the interest some of my readers have expressed in these topics,  the second and third most popular blog posts dealt with Mason Homes announcements.

(Of course, if I look at say, the next ten most popular posts, many of them deal with green tips and New Urbanism.)

Still, these findings made me curious: what would you like me to blog about? Which posts did you enjoy the most? I look forward to hearing from you!

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