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Family-Friendly Canada Day Events


The 2012 Canada Day Parade theme in Peterborough is “Celebrate our Nation Through Song & Dance” (photo via

Although everyone has good reasons to look forward to a long weekend, chances are those of you who have a families of your own relish the opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones.

Our award-winning community Avonlea is home to many families. And since it’s located in Peterborough, which hosts great Canada Day events, those of you who own an Avonlea home have many options this long weekend.

Consider some of the activities taking place on Sunday:

  • 10 am to 4 pm: the annual Multicultural Canada Day celebration is hosted by the New Canadians Centre at Del Crary Park
  • 1 pm to 3 pm: the Douro Library holds its annual Big Book Sale and Family Fun Day
  • 11 am to 5 pm: the annual DBIA Hunter Street Canada Day Party takes place with family fun fair, crafts, and live music.

Now I turn it over to you: what are your plans for the long weekend?

Farmers’ Markets You Should Visit in Peterborough


One of the best things about spring is the fact that farmers’ markets begin opening up everywhere.

Peterborough is no exception. Home to our award-winning Avonlea community, this great town has more than its share of great farmers’ markets.

Consider this list:

  • Peterborough and District Farmers’ Market: This one is open year-round, but will only come outdoors and away from the heated indoors area on April 30th. This weekend, it will host an event called MapleFest Pancake Breakfast. I don’t know about you, but the name alone makes me want to go!

              Hours: Saturdays from 7 am to 1 pm

              Location: the Morrow Building & Parking Lot at the Corner of Lansdowne Street and Roger Neilson Way

             Hours (from May 2 to October 3): Wednesdays from 8:30 am to 2 pm.

             Location: the Louis Street Parking Lot (on the corner of Charlotte Street and Aylmer Street)

Feel like exploring the towns nearby? This blog post lists a few options, such as the Lakefield Farmers’ Market, a short distance from Peterborough.

If you happen to go to one of these markets and haven’t purchased an Avonlea home but are curious about our community, drop by for a visit at our Sales Office, located at 1224 Chemong Drive. (Hours are Mondays through Fridays from noon to 7 pm and weekends from 11 am to 6 pm.) You can also call 705-741-3676 for more info.

What do you like best about farmers’ markets? 

Go Green on St. Patrick’s Day

More New Irish at St. Patrick's Day Parade, Dublin

There's more than one way to go green.

Given that we at Mason Homes build green homes and that I blog about green topics, it’s only fitting I write about the 11th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which takes place this Sunday from 2 pm to 5 pm in Peterborough, home to our Avonlea community.

As you probably know, wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day becomes a show of commitment to Ireland. But whether you’re Irish or not, there are other ways in which you can “be green” this Sunday, and hopefully, most other days as well. For example:

  • Take a cue from the parade and simply walk more. This will help you lose weight, increase your activity level, help reduce carbon emissions, and allow you to enjoy the upcoming spring weather.
  • Buy local. Sure, Guinness is a St. Patrick’s Day staple. But we also have many a good stout here in Canada, such as Hockley. (These local brews are greener still.) Even if you insist on respecting tradition this Sunday, consider buying local the rest of the year, whether it’s beer or other household products. (Peterborough has an excellent farmers’ market.)

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? What are your plans for the weekend?

Peterborough: a Great Town to Raise a Family


At Mason Homes we try to build great communities. This is why we rely on New Urbanism principles, ensuring our communities feature ample parks and plenty of local amenities nearby while emphasizing walkability.

Of course, how well these principles work depends on the town the community is located in.


Take Avonlea, our community in Peterborough. Besides building Green for Life homes and creating a community that won the Places to Grow award, we were happy that Avonlea residents can call Peterborough their hometown.

Peterborough, after all, is affordable, clean, and safe, located only one hour away from Toronto at the gateway to the Kawarthas and known for its natural beauty and quality of life.

Thanks to its diverse economy, quality health care, recreational opportunities, and an established school system, Peterborough has become the hub for east-central Ontario.

For testimonials on what it feels like to live here, consider this short essay, written by an 8th-grader who calls her hometown “a wonderful place to live.”

Or read through this one, penned by established writer Michelle Berry, where she has this to say:

Sometimes I feel as if I’m in a 1950s sitcom – Leave it To Beaver – the neighbours all calling back and forth across the street, coming over clutching snacks and wine, or coffee, joining me on my porch. It’s idyllic. (…) How is it possible that my eleven year old can play flashlight tag in the hot summer evenings until way past dark, running back and forth between people’s back yards (with their permission even!), or my 14 year old can hop the back fence to her friend’s house still wearing her pj’s late on a Saturday morning. Isn’t this 2011?

Doesn’t this sound like a fantastic place to raise your family?

Come check it out, and while you’re at it, drop by our Sales Office, located 1224 Chemong Rd. and open Mondays through Fridays from noon to 7 pm and on the weekends from 11 am to 6 pm.

You’ll hopefully see Avonlea and Peterborough form a natural fit.

Family-friendly Event this Weekend in Peterborough


If you live in our Avonlea community in Peterborough, this weekend is a perfect time to have fun with your entire family. Why? Because that’s when the ReFrame Peterborough International Film Festival kicks off.

Avonlea is a new homes community in Peterborough

There may be a bit more snow now, but Avonlea homeowners still prize community involvement and family-friendly activities.

Opening tonight at 7:30pm with a film about how bicycles can change the world, and followed by a live performance about the first woman to bike around the world, ReFrame provides a great framework to educate and entertain the family.

And while the festival aims to celebrate the latest works of film and video from local, national, and international filmmakers, it doesn’t eschew younger members of your family, as it includes programming for both children (REELKids) and teens (Changing Our World).

So if you feel like watching something that you wouldn’t catch at your average commercial theatre, check the ReFrame website for scheduling and ticket information.

Have you been to a previous edition of the ReFrame festival?

Another Homeowner Event


Almost two weeks ago, we held an event for our Avonlea homeowners. We have held many of these over the years, including charity events in the community’s sales office, BBQ’s, hayrides, and more. Homeowners typically love these events, and whatever they love, we love too. We enjoy seeing the community come together and grow stronger as they eat, laugh, and share stories.

Avonlea is a community in Peterborough that was designed with New Urbanism principles in mind. This means Avonlea has pedestrian-friendly streets and that it’s full of parks and ponds, with plenty of amenities within walking distance.

Having won the Places to Grow award (which recognizes growth and development carried out so it supports economic prosperity, protects the environment and helps communities achieve a high quality of life), Avonlea is an ideal place for you and your family to live.

If you’re a Mason Homes homeowner, whether at Avonlea or elsewhere, I ask you: what kinds of homeowner events do you like? Tell us and we’ll make note of it!

Pictures of our Avonlea Community


A friend who happened to be in Peterborough a few days back was kind enough to take photos of our Avonlea community. I thought I’d share them with you.

For those of you who don’t know, Avonlea is a community of green homes from the $200’s in beautiful Peterborough. It’s surrounded by a protected green space as well as a park and it’s within walking distance to shopping and schools. Take a look around this award-winning community!


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