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EnerQuality winner!


We mentioned a while ago that Mason Homes was nominated for several EnerQuality awards. Now we’re happy to announce that we won several! Mason Homes won awards for Green Builder of the Year, EnerQuality’s ENERGY STAR Builder of the Year, and Best Green Sales Team. Thank you again to our home buyers, partners, suppliers and staff. We couldn’t do it without you. We look forward to moving onward with our green building efforts!

Lindsay Goes Greener!


Lindsay, Ontario


Big news! The OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) just approved zoning for Mason Homes’ new development in Lindsay at Colborne Street and Highway 35. Our award-winning project, Cloverlea, can now expand, bringing even more green, Energy Star-qualified homes to the City of Kawartha Lakes—an eco-conscious, environmentally-responsible community in its own right. We’re very excited to keep building in Lindsay. All of our homes will continue to adhere to our Green for Life program with homes guaranteed to give families better comfort, quality of life, and savings, and to respect the natural environments in which they’re built. Great news as we kick off a green year in 2010!

Winter Essentials


Vitamin C!


This winter, it’s all about the three S’s:  staying warm, staying healthy, and saving money. Whether you have a Mason home already or energy-saving features in your home, there’s still more you can do to achieve utmost efficiency. This article, 10 Hot Home Products That $ave Money, gives great ideas on products that will keep your home eco-friendly and totally efficient. Definitely worth a look! 

Many of us are struggling to keep not just our homes but ourselves running at peak efficiency this winter too. To avoid colds and the flu, my secret weapon has always been oranges. Turns out, lots of other foods you might not expect are packed full of Vitamin C too. Click through the items in this article to find out what power foods will keep you strong and healthy this winter. 

And here’s something fun:  living in caves, living in treehouses and more. If you can’t live in a Mason home, this just might be the next best thing!

It’s 2010!



Happy New Year all! And thanks for reading my blog. 

As we begin a new year and a new decade, now is a great time to look at everything that has changed since the year 2000, and to look forward with hope and excitement to what we can do in the next decade! 

The past decade has established green building as the future of new home building. There are so many reasons why environmentally-friendly homes and communities are vitally important: from improved health and quality of life on a personal level, to better health on a global level, to significant savings on energy and water bills. This last factor became even more important to families during the recession, as noted in this article, which discusses the recent increased consumer demand for energy-efficiency homes to reap the financial benefits. 

Students from Hillsdale Elementary School with their new composter. Photo via The Barrie Examiner.


More and more people are thinking green, buying green, and seeing green… in their natural communities, and in the bank! I was inspired by this article from the Barrie Examiner, which talks about kids being more eco-conscious. Living green today means that the future will be greener too, as we set an example for our children. It’s exciting to watch the green movement expand and grow, and to see the widespread interest and variety of contributions. 

Here’s to a great year, and an environmentally-friendly one! Mason Homes will be continuing our landmark Green for Life program and looking into exciting new building developments. Check back here for updates. 


Sean Mason

A Decade of Green



Look closely... it's made completely from Heineken bottles!


 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! It’s almost 2010 and we’re about to enter a new decade of progress and building innovation. Reading the article Themes, Memes and Dreams in a Decade of Architecture, I was inspired by the worldwide focus on building green since the year 2000. Green awareness is greater than ever, and the importance of environmentally-friendly, healthy, and livable communities is indisputable. Check out the article – not everything worked,  but at least designers, architects, and builders all over the world are thinking green! 

Vauban eco community


Mason Homes proudly contributed to green developments in new home building during the last decade. Like the Vauban eco community in Germany featured in the article, Mason Homes strives to build communities that are pedestrian-friendly, walkable, and close to schools, parks, and amenities, so that our homeowners can walk more and leave the car at home. We build bike trails, parks, and roads designed to slow traffic, making our communities open, welcoming, and more eco-friendly. 

Mason Homes plans to continue our Green for Life program in 2010, augmenting our already-demanding standards with new ideas and innovations – like our protection of natural green environments, as we did at Avonlea in Peterborough with the cedar post trail. 

Stay tuned, and we’ll see you all in 2010!

It’s Going to be a Green Christmas!


You can have a white Christmas AND a green one!

Got a few people on your gift list this year who are the classic hard-to-buy-for, have-it-all types? Check out this great article I read at Green Living, “The Green Gift Guide.” Turns out green gift giving is not only good for the environment, but you can land some unique gifts. Electric bike, anyone?

Also Christmas-related: are your twinkly strands of Christmas lights eco-friendly? This article explains why your LED Christmas lights are so good for the environment!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Only one more week!

Blogs and Green Homes are the Future!


Mason Homes is proud to be part of the online discussions about building houses that are more efficient and better for the environment.

Mason Homes wants to give these benefits for your family’s lifestyle — with a home that is Green for Life. By offering a more environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient home, we help contribute to your healthier living environment, where you can breathe better air and save money through reduced water and energy consumption.

As a recognized leader in green building, Mason Homes builds EnergyStar®qualified homes as a standard not an upgrade — because at Mason we believe a happier, healthier home should be available to everyone. Improve your lifestyle with a Mason home and be Green for Life.

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