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Staying Cool is Easy


A while back, I provided tips on prepping your home for the season, so you can stay cool in your home all summer. Today, I’m going to offer you more tips on keeping your body cool on a hot day without relying on an air-conditioner.

Turning on your a/c is easy, but it can be costly and drying on your skin—and don’t forget its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere!

So, how to stay cool: first of all, keep the heat out of your home by closing your curtains or blinds. Avoid turning on lights unnecessarily and give yourself an evening off from cooking on the stove, as these heat up your home quickly. Getting outside to BBQ is a great solution.

Now, on a really hot day, here are a few things you can do to stay cool:

  • Drink water. Lots of cold water will keep your body hydrated and you feeling happy and energetic.
  • Have a shower or a swim. Jump in a nice cool pool or just rinse off in a cold shower to keep cool.
  • Eat cold fruits and cold meals. Have a watermelon or a nice glass of lemonade, as both are good sources of vitamin C and can keep you feeling cool and refreshed.
  • Enjoy frozen treats. Have a Popsicle, ice cream or your favourite frozen treat.
  • Try minty or menthol products. A hint of mint in your drink is always refreshing. You can also use peppermint lotion or soap, or a minty powder to cool your skin and body.
  • Get an ice pack. Placing an ice pack on your wrists cools the blood in your veins and instantly makes you feel cooler.
  • Invest in a portable fan. Use a portable fan to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Plant trees. It’s good to plant trees on both (east and west) sides of your home, so your house is kept in the shade, blocked from the sun’s heat.

Got any other solutions that I haven’t mentioned here that work for you? Post your stay-cool tips in the comment box below or tweet me @MasonHomes!

Prep Your Home for Summer


Summer weather is coming soon (don’t let the rain fool you!), so now is the time to prepare your home for summer heat. Sure, it can be too darn hot in the midst of summer, and you just want to crank up that air-conditioner at home all day. Well, there are ways to cool your home without using up too much energy, and it can be done without hurting your wallet, too. This way, you can save yourself some green in your pocket and for the environment!

Summer Home

This summer, you can beat the heat and save the planet by following these simple tips provided by Energy Star:

  • Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs. Incandescent light bulbs use more energy and can produce up to 75 percent more heat indoor.
  • Set your thermostat higher when no one is home. Program your thermostat to 25 degrees during the day, so no energy is wasted on cooling an empty home.
  • Install a ceiling fan and use it to cool you off when you get home. Turn the fan on for a cool breeze.
  • Shade up. Close the curtains and shades before you leave your home to keep the sun’s rays from over heating the interior of your home.
  • Reduce oven time. Cook with a microwave oven instead of a conventional oven, so it doesn’t heat up your home.
  • Change your HVAC filter. Every three months, you should change your system’s air filter. If the filter is dirty, it will slow down air flow and make the system work harder to keep your home cool. Also, remember to get your system serviced every year.
  • Seal duct system leaks. To ensure that the cool air isn’t leaking out of your system or your home, you should seal any leaks you see in your duct system with mastic sealant and metal tape and insulate all the ducts you can access.  Learn more about air seal and insulate here. In an Energy Star qualified home though, you don’t have to worry!

Once you’ve done all these, you are guaranteed to have a cool home to come to after a hot sunny day, and you won’t even have to worry about your energy bills! If you drive, it’s also a good idea to get your car ready for the summer by changing tires and filters and getting a tune up. Now, you’re set to enjoy your summer!

Stay in touch and let me know how much money you save this summer via Facebook or Twiter.

Parks Canada Marks A Hundred Years


As summer is slowly approaching us, everyone is gearing up for outdoor activities. I recently dusted off my bike and pumped up my tires, getting into gear for the season. Now camping season is about to kick off, giving you even more reason to be outdoors enjoying nature!

This week, Parks Canada celebrates its centennial anniversary, which means we’ve had a hundred years of conservation, storytelling, and wowing visitors and residents alike with the amazing natural spaces we’re lucky to have all across Canada.

Parks Canada is the world’s first national parks service in the world (Go Canada!), and it currently protects 167 national historic sites, 42 national parks and 4 national marine conservation areas. To celebrate its 100th year anniversary, Parks Canada will be hosting events throughout the year, starting off this Saturday at the CN Tower in Toronto. If you’re closer to the Trent-Severn Waterway, like our homeowners at Avonlea in Peterborough, the historic site will be open as of this weekend as well, and check out their celebration, the Just Add Water festival, in Port Severn next weekend.

This season gives you the perfect opportunity to visit one of the 42 national parks and explore the wilderness wherever you are in the country. Get out your camping gear and make the most out of your summer this year!

Follow @ParksCanada on Twitter to get updates on events and tell CBC which Canadian park is your favourite, and you could be featured on their interactive map.

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